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The Journal That Talks Back

Accessible Coaching for Young Professionals in your Organization

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It's a new way to help young professionals

But first, here are the facts...
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of Millennials leave their job within two years due to stress and burnout.
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of Millenials & Gen Z are burned out.
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report that the cost of support is the biggest barrier to mental healthcare.
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Since the development of COVID-19 these numbers are on the rise.
And The Journal That Talks Back™ 
is here to help :)

What is The Journal That Talks Back?

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What is The Journal That Talks Back?

The Journal That Talks Back™ is an accessible coaching service for young professionals that connects clients with a certified coach who is trained to respond to their challenges through a safe, secure and accessible journaling app that is designed to help them explore, reflect, grow and deal with life's challenges.
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Why Use The Journal That Talks Back?

The Journal That Talks Back™ is the first coaching & journaling service designed specifically for young professionals. Our coaches read and respond to every single journal that is submitted. The Journal That Talks Back™ provides unlimited coaching for your staff at an affordable rate.
The Struggle is Real

Millenials, Gen Z and the 2nd Pandemic

By age 25, approximately 20 per cent of young adults will have developed a mental illness and there are so few preventative measures in place. By taking action together we can bend the curve and help set them up for success!

Fact 1
Fact 3
Fact 2


Fact 01
The Cost of Turnover
The average cost of turnover in millennials and gen z'ers is roughly 40% of their annual salary on top of hiring and training costs. By investing in coaching for your young professionals, you can help them succeed and make a valuable contribution in your organization,
Fact 2
Burnout is Out of Control
59% of millenials and 58% of gen z'ers experience burnout in the workplace as a result of workplace stressors, financial stressors and mental health concerns.




Fact 3
The Great Barrier
33% of people report that the cost of therapy, counselling and coaching appointments is their biggest barrier to mental healthcare. But...it doesn't have to be.

Focusing on Feelings

The Journal That Talks Back™ is more than a journal. It's a coaching conversation. When a client connects with one of our coaches, they are connecting with a real person who will read and respond to each of  their journals and provide them with professional coaching. Our coaches are here to help create a shift in the lives of our clients  through a private and intimate coaching process.  

They will ask clients questions, challenge their beliefs, offer guidance, and stand in their corner without judgement.  They will introduce clients to a new way to see themselves and everything in their world. Backed by almost 2 decades of coaching experience, our coaches are prepared for everything and anything they encounter.

Unpack Your Thoughts

More than ever, it's clear that individuals can't sit in the dark with their own thoughts. The struggle is real, and connecting with people who care is critical to improving the wellbeing and mental health of young professionals. Whether they are driven to achieve extraordinary goals, experience a high degree of stress, are feeling down, excited about an accomplishment,  or just want to check in every once in a while....this is the place to do that.

It's a Different Kind of Care

The Journal That Talks Back™ looks at coaching with a holistic approach.  This is a tool that is created with the purpose of helping individuals achieve greater levels of ease, peace, exhilaration & joy, no matter where they are at in their journey. If COVID taught us anything, it's that resources should not have a waitlist or a prohibitive cost.

With that said, we are not therapists, counsellors or clinicians. We are coaches who have specifically been trained to read and respond to journals and are certified in the Frame of Mind Coaching™ Methodology. The Journal That Talks Back™ is an awesome resource, specifically created to help young professionals deal with all the challenges that life throws their way.

A Different Kind of Journal

Doing things the write way

How The Journal That Talks Back™ Works

Clients get matched with a certified coach, set up their unique profile,  explore our resources, track their mood, and journal with their very own coach!

Step 01
Step 03
Step 02
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Step 01
Book a Matching Call

The minute that a client hits the GET STARTED Button they will be invited to book a call with a TJTTB Onboarding Specialist, who will match them with the coach who is the right fit for them and answer ANY and ALL questions they may have.

Step 02
Sign Up

Once matched with a coach, clients will be sent a purchase link for payment. If the organization is purchasing on their behalf, the link will be sent to you. At that point,clients will have the opportunity to take a tour through their new coaching environment.

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Step 03
Start Journaling

You mean an actual 3 step process to start something? Yup. Clients will track their mood, journal, look through our incredible resources and experience our phenomenal coaching!

Bonus Step
Pay it Forward

$5 from each monthly payment will support someone else's journey who would not otherwise be able to access this service.

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It's more than a journal

It's not enough to just be a journaling app in this day and age. We have such a deep understanding of what words mean, and what the meaning behind the words mean. Sometimes, saying you feel 'good' is sarcasm, and sometimes saying you feel 'good' means that you're on top of the world. It takes a skilled coach to know the difference and an intimate relationship to move someone from feeling pain to feeling strong. That's what our coaches do.

They are in great hands

It's called The Journal That Talks Back™ because we have a team of Certified Coaches on the other end of client's journals who are ready to read and respond to each journal  with insight, guidance and support.

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It's Mental Wellness Done Accessibly

Unlimited Coaching for Just
$200 USD/Month

Traditional Support

Traditional support like coaching, counselling and therapy can cost upwards of $150/hour.

While more expensive, this support can be critical for individuals in crisis.

The Journal That Talks Back™

The Journal That Talks Back™ costs $200 USD/month for unlimited coaching.

A perfect preventative solution for burnout, mental wellness  concerns and high turnover.
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How to Get Started: