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The Stuff We Don't Say

To Taboo & Beyond

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What is this series about?

Have you ever wanted to share your deepest, darkest secrets? We get it. Sometimes you just need someone to listen, and sometimes you need someone to tell you that it's OK. But in the real world, it's hard to find people who will reach out and help without judgment. It's even harder to find them in an environment where everyone is anonymous. That's why we created "The Stuff We Don't Say" series!


How will it work?

The Stuff We Don't Say" is an anonymous video advice series that takes the traditional "Dear Abby" concept and adds a more interactive and immersive experience. We want people to feel safe enough to share their secrets with usā€”and also learn from others who have been through similar experiences.This advice series will combine a group of panelists who have gone through something similar while allowing viewers to share their thoughts via polls, writing in journals, responding to prompts, and more.

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Why are we doing it?

This allows you to engage in juicy topics that are typically stigmatised and taboo while learning from a diverse group of experts. The main objective is to help people feel empowered to make better decisions and sometimes even change their lives for the better!We want you to join us on this journey as we explore important issues such as mental health, body positivity, relationships, sexuality and identity. We'll be tackling these subjects through intimate discussions with experts from all walks of life who have been there themselves so they can best offer advice on how to navigate through whatever you're going through right now.

What do we need from you?

Below is a form that allows you to share your questions, thoughts & concerns about anything related to mental health, wellness, relationships, sex, parenting, family, entrepreneurship, career, finances or anything else at all! Your questions, thoughts & concerns will fuel Ā a panel discussion with some amazing experts. Your name and email are confidential &Ā optional and will not be used in the discussion.

Here are a couple sample entries:
" My partner is really struggling with their anxiety and I am not sure how to help them when I am with them"

"IĀ just started my first job after graduating school and IĀ HATEĀ it more than anything! How do I pick a new path? Can I even do that?"

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What Happens Next?



Who will the panelists be?

The panelists will be specially selected individuals who are experts in the related topics.


What is Step Above Stigma?

Step Above Stigma is a Canadian recognized charity working to destigmatise mental health and increase access to mental health resources. Through all fundraisers 100% of profits are donated to charities that improve the mental health of vulnerable populations.


What is The Journal That Talks Backā„¢

The Journal That Talks Backā„¢ is an accessible and unlimited coaching service for young professionals. We match every client with one of our certified coaches and invite clients to communicate daily with their coach through a safe and secure journaling platform that is designed to help them explore, reflect, grow and deal with life's challenges. Our coaches are trained and equipped to work with young professionals in this capacity and provide support to clients on a daily basis. The Journal That Talks Backā„¢ is the first coaching & journaling service designed specifically for young professionals. Our coaches read and respond to every single journal that is submitted. The Journal That Talks Backā„¢ provides unlimited coaching for your staff at an affordable rate.


Does it cost to attend?

The Stuff We Don't Say Panel will be 100% free to attend :)


Who can submit a journal entry?

Anyone from any walk of life!