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Why Companies Use The Journal That Talks Back™

It's no secret that mental wellness support is a key success factor for organisations who are dedicated to their employees and determined to grow. At the same time the cost of mental health services has become increasingly expensive. Traditional therapy, coaching or counselling is costing individuals upwards of $150 USD per hour-long session. Beyond that there is little to no support available for what happens in between the sessions for these young professionals. The Journal That Talks Back™ is uniquely positioned to support and offer daily and unlimited coaching to these young professionals where, when and how they need it the most.
Here are the facts...

Millennials, Gen Z and the 2nd Pandemic

By age 25, approximately 20 per cent of young adults will have developed a mental illness and there are so few preventative measures in place. By taking action together we can bend the curve and help set them up for success!

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Attraction, Retention, and Engagement

Recruiting, retention and engagement are among the top threats to companies in 2022. Attrition rates have hit a high of +20% in 2021 alone. This is an issue that must be addressed strategically and thoughtfully.

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Burnout is Out of Control

59% of millennials and 58% of gen z'ers experience burnout in the workplace as a result of workplace stressors, financial stressors and mental health concerns.

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The Cost of Turnover

The average cost of turnover in millennials and gen z's is roughly 40% of their annual salary on top of hiring and training costs. Providing coaching to young professionals provides an excellent benefit when combined with an offer of employment. This approach also enables you to maximize the contribution of this population as well as provide support and guidance when they are feeling overwhelmed and considering other employment options. Coaching is not only a strong attraction strategy, it is a growth tool and mitigates the risk of high turnover rates.

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The Great Barrier

33% of people report that the cost of therapy, counselling and coaching appointments is their biggest barrier to mental healthcare. doesn't have to be.


The Impact

The Journal That Talks Back™ is more than a journal. It's a coaching conversation. When a client is matched with one of our coaches, they are connecting with a real person who will read and respond to each of their journals and provide them with professional coaching. Our coaches are here to help create a shift in the lives of our clients through a private and intimate coaching process. They will ask clients questions, challenge their beliefs, offer guidance, and stand in their corner without judgement. They will help clients work through their moments of adversity and equip them with skills and strategies to handle some of the difficult situations they may encounter professionally. Instead of avoiding conflict or tension, clients will be encouraged to work through these kinds of issues and grow as a result. The goal is to develop accountable, self-reliant, resilient young professionals who are equipped to deal with the challenges that present themselves professionally and personally. Our coaches will introduce clients to a new way to see themselves and everything in their world. Backed by almost two decades of coaching experience, our coaches are prepared for everything and anything they encounter.

What to Expect

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Easy to Use

Simple journaling interface with customizable accessibility features.


Track your mood, sleep and activity!

Journal with Response

Your Coach will read and respond to EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. OF. YOUR. JOURNALS.

What is The Journal That Talks Back™?

The Journal That Talks Back™ is an accessible and unlimited coaching service for young professionals. We match every client with one of our certified coaches and invite clients to communicate daily with their coach through a safe and secure journaling platform that is designed to help them explore, reflect, grow and deal with life's challenges. Our coaches are trained and equipped to work with young professionals in this capacity and provide support to clients on a daily basis. The Journal That Talks Back™ is the first coaching & journaling service designed specifically for young professionals. Our coaches read and respond to every single journal that is submitted. The Journal That Talks Back™ provides unlimited coaching for your staff at an affordable rate.
Mental Health Matters

How The Journal That Talks Back™ Supports Mental Wellness

Get matched with a certified coach, track your mood, and then start journaling with your coach! No subject is off limits.

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Build the Relationship

Coaching is about more than guidance. It’s about developing an incredible relationship. One filled with trust, care, compassion and understanding. With this strong foundation, our coaches can help uncover deeply held beliefs that are standing in the way of your success and happiness. Our coaches are seriously excited about working with you - it’s not just a job, it’s an opportunity for them to help you live an extraordinary life.

Step 02

Tackle the Tough Stuff

Things have been rough, and by journaling with one of our coaches, you will have the opportunity to really dig in and discuss the tough stuff. Whether it's a strain in your relationships, stress at work,  anxiety, confusion, a lack of motivation, or anything at all....we are here for you.

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Step 03

Be Heard

Our job is to give you a voice. So that you can hear yourself and really discover what you truly, deeply want, and know with clarity what to do and how to do it. If you are in the muck, we will help you out of the muck. If you are already soaring, we will help to make sure that your flight path is on course.  We will hear you with greater depth than you’ve ever been heard before. This is truly an incredible journey.

Bonus Step

Pay it Forward

$5 from every one of your monthly payments will support someone else's journey who would not otherwise be able to access this service. Thank you so much :)

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A Different Kind of Care

The Journal That Talks Back™ looks at coaching with a holistic perspective.  This is a tool that is created with the purpose of helping individuals achieve greater levels of ease, peace, exhilaration and joy, no matter where they are in their journey. With that said, we are not therapists, counsellors or clinicians. We are coaches who have specifically been trained to read and respond to journals and are certified in the Frame of Mind Coaching™ Methodology. The Journal That Talks Back™ is an awesome resource, specifically created to help young professionals deal with all the challenges that life throws their way.


I've been loving the journal experience so far! It's been super self-reflective and I'm loving the opportunity to think differently about things.

Michelle DeGonzague
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Every successful entrepreneur has the support of a coach, and journaling with a coach is a game changer if you really want to accelerate your performance. I highly recommend the coaching team at The Journal That Talks Back™—they are truly top notch!

Jordan Harbinger
The Jordan Harbinger Show
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The value of journaling in a coaching environment is immeasurable. It ramps up the coaching experience in a way that nothing else can, allowing a fuller insight into our clients’ motivations, desires and beliefs at a significantly faster pace than weekly meetings or calls could alone.

Wanda Slater
Frame of Mind Coaching™

The Journal That Talks Back™ is truly amazing and such a helpful service. I wish I had this when I was in college.

Brittany Avila
The Helpful Professor
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Who would have thought that journaling would completely change my mindset and the person that I am today?

Stanley Meytin
True Film Productions
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Journaling provides an alternate view into a client's thinking. Often our brains are so accustomed to thought patterns we’ve established that it can be hard to break through them in conversation. Something about the act of writing, which so few of us do as adults, triggers a different level of reflection. There is also something liberating about expressing yourself when there’s no one on the other end of the line.

Gavriella Kroo
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When used in coaching, journaling creates the means for the client to get in touch with themselves on a much deeper level, to see more options, get answers to questions and ultimately make better choices. 

Dana Treffler
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That’s the beauty of journaling - you don’t have to be good at it - the magic will happen anyway. When I write about a struggle - once the words are written down, it’s as if the problem is separate from me. Reading the words gives me a new perspective. It’s like a friend who is confiding in me. I have no idea how it works, and I can’t explain why, but I start feeling better knowing help from my coach is on the way.

Brian Friedman
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I think that a lot of people who create their own company, do so to fill the needs of people but also for themselves. I have been using The Journal That Talks Back™ as a client for a few months now and with no bias or hyperbole, I feel that I have been able to work towards managing my anxiety, my relationships and my business (this business) in an awesome way! A huge thanks to my coach and to all of our coaches for doing amazing work! I am super excited to run and to use this service forever <3

Jonathan Friedman
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The Journal That Talks Back™ is a revolutionary and timely application that brings together coaches with young professionals, students and others looking for consistent and immediate support in a safe and private space online. It's an honour and joy to be a TJTTB™ Coach, helping others to explore, learn and grow... whether it's overcoming obstacles or building and scaling opportunities in life and business.

Dinis Prazeres
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This a great business idea. Journaling helps reduce anxiety by putting thoughts on paper, plus someone replying helps it even more. Your coach can give you unexpected topics to write about that can help to look at your problem from another angle. In my opinion lots people do not realize how much they need mental help before they got it and this kind is easy to start from.

Yulia Mayorova
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As someone who has an insatiable passion for journaling AND coaching, I am absolutely in love with this new mental health service. TJTTB is like having a coach in your pocket. It’s incredibly accessible and the coaches respond to your journals in a very timely and helpful manner. This service allows you to get closer to where you want to be in your life and experience more joy and peace.

Hailey Rodgers
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This app is not only user friendly but also convenient. Journaling can feel like a task. This app takes out that step of grabbing a pen and paper because let’s face it….our phones are always in reach. The fact that there is someone on the other end that is there to guide me if needed and to help me in cooperate aspects of coaching into my everyday life is so so helpful! I can take my journaling in which ever direction I want without any pressure. 10/10 would recommended to anyone, any age, any demographic, to anyone needing a safe space to put their thoughts into words and out of their heads!

Cassandra Angeles
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Incredible! Super helpful and would highly recommend for any hardworking and driven young person. It really helped me reach my goals, while also being at peace with where I'm currently at.

Ferne Kotlyar
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Mental health is very important and I'm glad this service is available. It's really helpful and an amazing way to communicate your thoughts and feeling and have a coach there for you to help and give guidance.

Hazel Lang-Reid
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The Journal That Talks Back™ is a game changer for young professionals who are stressed, overwhelmed and in need of accessible coaching.

Kate Hefford
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This platform is wonderful for getting your thoughts out and having the connection with a counselor when you really need to be heard! Especially with how hard things have been lately, I love having someone who I can talk to and who can give me unbiased advice ☺️

Shauna Schwab
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Just in Time Coaching
USD per week
Sometimes we need support for a short period of time to talk and think through an immediate problem. Just in Time coaching is an entire week of unlimited and personalized support from one of our amazing coaches to talk to and guide you through the crisis.
USD per month
The Journal That Talks Back™ costs $200 USD/month for unlimited coaching.

Be assigned to your very own coach and get ready to explore the tough stuff for as long as you need it.

What Happens Next?



How does The Journal That Talks Back™ work?

The Journal That Talks Back™ is an accessible coaching service where we match you with your very own coach so that you can track your mood, sleep, stress and journal with them. Your coach will read and respond to every word and you can write as many journals as you would like! No paywalls, no gates, just the safest and most secure on-the-go coaching experience!


Who are your coaches?

Our coaches are successful leaders, social workers and doctors who are certified to coach for The Journal That Talks Back™ through our executive training process at Frame of Mind Coaching™. We hire and train all of our coaches in house and do not contract to a third party! We take this very seriously so that we can ensure that you have the greatest coaching experience from the greatest coaches.


Why do companies work with The Journal That Talks Back™?

The great resignation has affected more than its fair share of companies, and we recognize that recruiting and retaining amazing talent is harder than ever. We have made it our mission to develop a coaching model for young professionals to support their mental, emotional and professional challenges in a truly unlimited, progressive, and technology powered fashion. No matter when they need support, they can access it without having to wait weeks or months for their next coaching appointment.


Why choose The Journal That Talks Back™ over other services like Betterhelp or Talkspace?

Different companies have different strengths. Our strength is coaching whereas other companies really focus on Therapy. Borne from nearly 20 years of experience coaching leaders, entrepreneurs and executives, The Journal That Talks Back™ is designed to support the personal and professional challenges that driven young professionals are facing currently through journaling and mood tracking. This allows for the coach and the client to quickly identify and understand the unhealthy patterns that are at play. Beyond that, our intake and matching process occurs via phone call as opposed to a questionnaire so that we can ensure the best fit for the client.


What is Frame of Mind Coaching™?

Frame of Mind Coaching™ is the Sister Company to The Journal That Talks Back™. Frame of Mind Coaching™ provides the coaching framework and methodology that we use for coaching young professionals. For more information please visit


What are some key issues covered?

We love working with corporations and world-wide organisations because having ALL of the leaders on your team receive coaching directly improves culture, performance, and overall results. Book a call with us to learn more about our corporate coaching services.