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What is The Journal That Talks Back?

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What is The Journal That Talks Back™?

The Journal That Talks Back™ is an accessible coaching service for young professionals that connects you with a certified coach who is trained to respond to your challenges through a safe, secure and accessible journaling app that is designed to help you explore, reflect, and grow.
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Why Use The Journal That Talks Back™?

The Journal That Talks Back is the first coaching & journaling service designed specifically for the minds, budgets and lives of post-secondary students & young professionals. Be loved, be heard & reach your goals.
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How The Journal That Talks Back Works

Get matched with a certified coach, set up your unique profile,  explore our resources, track your mood, and then start journaling with your coach!

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Step 02
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Step 01

Book Your Matching Call

The minute that you hit the START NOW Button you will be invited to book a call with a TJTTB Onboarding Specialist, who will match you with the coach who is the right fit for you and answer ANY and ALL questions you have. They will also greet you with the warmth of 1000 Olafs.

Step 02

Sign Up

Once you are matched with a coach, you will be sent a purchase link so that you can start making your monthly payments.  At that point you will have the opportunity to take a tour through your new journaling environment. Yup. It's pretty cool :p

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Step 03

Start Journaling

You mean an actual 3 step process to start something? Yup. Track your mood, journal, look through our incredible resources and experience our phenomenal coaching! It may just blow your mind :)

Bonus Step

Pay it Forward

$5 from every one of your monthly payments will support someone else's journey who would not otherwise be able to access this service. You are now Olaf and have given a warm hug to someone else. Thank you so much :)

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Focusing on Feelings

The Journal That Talks Back is more than a journal. It's a coaching conversation. When you connect with one of our coaches, you are connecting with a real person who will read and respond to each of  your journals and provide you with professional coaching. These individuals are here to help create a shift in your life through a very private and intimate coaching process.  They will take the time to really get to know you.

They will ask you questions, challenge your beliefs, offer guidance, and stand in your corner without judgement.  They will introduce you to a new way to see yourself and everything in your world. Backed by almost 2 decades of coaching experience, our coaches are prepared for everything and anything you journal about.

Unpack Your Thoughts

More than ever, it's clear that we can't sit in the dark with our thoughts. The struggle is real, and connecting with people who care is critical to improving your wellbeing and mental health. Whether you feel a high degree of stress, are feeling down, excited about an accomplishment,  or just want to check in every once in a while....this is the place to do that. Unlock, unpack and achieve something great.

It's a Different Piece of Care

The Journal That Talks Back looks at coaching with a holistic approach.  This is a tool that is created with the purpose of helping individuals achieve greater levels of ease, peace, exhilaration & joy, no matter where they are at. If COVID taught us anything, it's that resources should not have a waitlist or prohibitive cost.  We want you to reach out on your terms to share whatever is on your mind, whenever you want.

With that said, we are not therapists, counsellors or clinicians. We are coaches who have specifically been trained to read and respond to journals and are certified in the Frame of Mind Coaching™ Methodology. The Journal That Talks Back is an Awesome Resource, specifically created to help young professionals deal with all the challenges that life throws their way.
Mental Health Matters

How The Journal that Talks Back Supports Mental Wellness

Build a deep relationship with your coach, tackle the tough stuff together and grow in ways you never thought possible!

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Building the Relationship

Our work here is clear... our coaches want to have a relationship with you. One filled with care, compassion and understanding. With this strong foundation, we can do some really important work together :)

Our coaches are seriously excited about working with you - it’s not just a job, it’s an opportunity for them to help you live an extraordinary life.


Tackling the Tough Stuff

Things have been rough, and by journaling with one of our coaches, you will have the opportunity to really dig in and discuss the tough stuff. Whether it's anxiety, confusion, a lack of motivation, or anything at all....we are here for you.

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Be Heard

Our job is to give you a voice. So that you can hear yourself and really discover what you truly deeply want, and know with clarity what to do and how to do it. If you are in the muck, we will help you out of the muck.  If you are already soaring, we will help to make sure that your flight path is on course.  We will hear you with greater depth than you’ve ever been heard before.  This is truly an incredible journey.

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It's more than a journal

It's not enough to just be a journaling app in this day and age. We have such a deep understanding of what words mean, and what the meaning behind the words mean. Sometimes, saying you feel 'good' is sarcasm and sometimes it takes a relationship to move someone from feeling pain to feeling strong.

You are in great hands

It's called The Journal That Talks Back because we have a team of Certified Coaches on the other end of your journal who are ready to read and respond to your journal entries and provide insight, guidance and support.
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It's Mental Wellness Done Accessibly

The Journal That Talks Back Costs $200/Month

Which is about the same cost as:

How to Start YourJournaling Journey

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