Gift ideas for someone who has everything
Here’s five quick gift ideas for the holidays that’ll help you get the perfect present for that special someone who has everything and then some. 
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Gift ideas for someone who has everything

Gift-giving is a tricky art, and it gets trickier when you need to think of gift ideas for someone who has everything. All of us have that one friend or family member who’s already got the latest phone, the nicest car or the newest video game setup before anyone else — what on earth are you supposed to get them that they don’t already have?

Don’t worry. Here’s five quick gift ideas for the holidays that’ll help you get the perfect present for that special someone who has everything and then some. 

Try a sentimental gift

Gift ideas for someone who has everything are hard to think up… unless the gift you’re giving is completely one of a kind. While your friend, partner or relative might already have the shiniest new knickknacks on the market, what they’ll never already have is a personalized, sentimental gift from you. 

Sentimental gifts can come in the form of handmade items (DIY coffee mugs are a great idea!), a souvenir from somewhere you’ve both visited, a funny cameo video from their favorite celebrity or even a heartfelt letter recounting some of your favorite memories together. The goal, ultimately, is to really wow your gift-ee with the amount of heart you put into the gift… instead of the price tag attached. 

Gift an experience, not an item 

Why does a gift have to come with a bow? For the person who has everything, try giving them an experience instead. Whether that’s two tickets to go to their favorite band in concert or an impromptu salon trip for a massage and manicure, your recipient will appreciate the thought put into an experience-based present. 

Give them a cozy gift… 

Ok, so they have everything. But do they have everything… while being extraordinarily cozy? If your gift receiver is the warm-and-fuzzy type, you can gift them a thoughtful care package during the cold months — a warm sweater, a box of hot chocolate, a nice wine and some stress-relief candles are gifts almost anyone can appreciate. 

Or, gift them something practical 

Just as most people absolutely love cozy gifts year-round, the person who has everything can always stand to make use of something practical. Why not gift them homemade coupons for free chores, courtesy of you? If you have a special skill you can make use of — maybe you’re a mechanic, a copywriter or a line cook — you can offer to fix their car, rewrite their website copy or make them a delicious homemade meal. 

Gifts like these are awesome because they’re triple threats: you get to give them something sentimental while also providing them with an experience that nets practical results. With a gift like this, you really can’t go wrong. 

Gift them something educational 

The person who has everything doesn’t know everything… and that’s where you come in. If the person you’re gifting for during the holidays is a big believer in self-improvement or skill-building, now is the perfect time to give them an educational resource that’ll help them achieve their goals. 

That gift could come in the form of a subscription to Masterclass, a month’s worth of high-impact life coaching, a class on cooking, acting or writing in town… the possibilities are endless! So long as the gift you give aligns with their personal and professional interests, you’re bound to present them with something they’ll absolutely love. 

Gift ideas for the person who has everything don’t have to be hard

If this list has taught you one thing, hopefully it’s that the person who has everything doesn’t actually have everything. While they might have every new shiny item on the market, they’ll never have every last experience, skill, tool or heartfelt gesture in the book. With just a little thought and effort, you can reward that special someone in your life with a gift they’ll be talking about for months — if not years — to come.

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