How to be a Worry-Free Parent
How can you be a worry free parent? Sounds complicated right? What if I told you that journaling with a coach could really help.
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How to be a Worry-Free Parent

You’re a parent. That’s great! How does it feel, having your heart outside of your chest and walking around as another person? We exaggerate, of course — our kids aren’t our literal hearts. But sometimes they can feel that way, can’t they?

We care so much about our children that they drive us to worry. Are they safe? Are they making the right choices? Are they turning into the person I want them to be? Are they turning into the person they want to be? Am I doing this right… or am I screwing everything up?

Slow down, worried parent number 3,456,487,123. Chances are, you’re more concerned than you need to be about your children. After all, they’re your kids. You turned out okay, didn’t you? Even through some hard circumstances? You need to trust that they will, too.

But sometimes it doesn’t hurt to have help. In times of excessive worry, journaling can be the panacea you need. The little “boost” that keeps you sane when your kids are worrying you. You can put all your thoughts, hopes, worries, fears and dreams for your children in a place where they don’t have to see them, allowing you to stay centered and focused. 

But there’s something even better than that. That’s right! Instead of just journaling, try journaling with a partner — a certified responder trained to help you be the best parent you can be. How exactly does this work? Don’t worry. Here are four ways journaling with a certified responder can make you a worry-free, better parent, coming right up:

Journaling with a responder can ease imagined concerns

We worry. It’s what parents do. But sometimes, those worries aren’t really real. Have you ever been concerned that your child is too shy, only to find out later that they have more friends than anyone else in their school group? Or have you fretted over the fact that your teenager is withdrawing from you, even though that’s a natural part of adolescent angst? Certified responders can talk you through some of these “unreal worries,” asking questions and allowing you to ease your concerns about things that don’t merit sleep loss. 

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Journaling with a responder can help you worry about what’s important

There’s a famous saying that goes: don’t worry about anything until you have to. When you have to, worry like hell. That’s exactly what certified responders with our journaling service can help you do. After easing your concerns about the small things, they’ll help point out areas where your worries are warranted. More than “proving you right,” your responder will help you see places where you can course-correct to help your children, helping you improve as a parent in a natural, organic way. The best part? Your kids never have to know you’re getting help. 

Journaling with a responder makes you ask the right questions

Certified responders aren’t simply a support system — they’re here to challenge you, inspire you and show you how to ask yourself the right questions. Sometimes we ask ourselves questions that don’t hold any weight, such as: “Am I being a good enough parent?” What we don’t realize is that, in getting caught up in broad, non-specific questions, we lose sight of the questions that matter. Responders ask questions that matter. Answering them can help you see new ways to approach parenting — and isn’t that what we all want?

Journaling with a responder gives you much-needed aid when you need it

Parenting is hard. Sometimes you need another hand in the ring, helping you gut-check your decisions. That’s what certified responders are for. More than support or encouragement, your responder will provide you with counsel, aid and peace of mind during the toughest parts of parenting. They can help you with parenting burnout, feelings of anger or sadness while raising children, financial considerations as a parent, and more. Taken for all they’re worth, responders are a bit of a catch-all for parenting concerns, large or small. 

So, new (or experienced) parent. What are you waiting for? Pick up The Journal That Talks Back today and start talking to a certified responder about your children. Chances are, they’ll help crush your worries and level-up your parenting skills in no time at all. 

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