How to be the Wealthiest Person You Know
Looking around the room and always seeing others with more? Here is how to journal your way to wealth.
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How to be the Wealthiest Person You Know

Hey, all of you wealth-seekers out there, and welcome to the blog that’s about to change your life. You might be thinking: how will a single blog change my life? Let me tell you.

The truth is, I don’t know where you’re coming from, or what brought you here. You might be financially destitute, living paycheck to paycheck. You might be one car breakdown away from being late on rent. You might have so little to your name that one “splurge” on yourself is enough to put you in the red. You might think: I’m poorer than I’ve ever been. 

If you’re thinking these kinds of thoughts, guess what, friends? You’re not actually poor. You’re just unenlightened. You are experiencing a kind of spiritual poverty the likes of which you’ve never experienced before. Because the truth is, regardless of your paycheck, your job, your bank account or your living situation, you can be the wealthiest person you know — and then some.

What I’m saying is: by reorienting the way you think, you can earn real, true wealth, and money will come. Yes, money will come hand over fist, but it will be a byproduct of how you think, what you believe, what you expect ,and what you do, rather than the goal itself. 

Wow, friends. That’s a big thought — breathe it up and take it all in. And we haven’t even had our coffee yet, fellow wealth-seekers!

Are you smiling yet? Good. Now, let’s really dive in.

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Journaling for financial wellness

Walk with me, wealth-seekers. Let’s explore how wealth is going to take on a new meaning in your lives. I have a little job for you. I want you to take out your laptop right now and open up a document. Next, I want you to write something down: give me your definition of wealth.

No cheating! Don’t look up the dictionary definition. It won’t help you, anyway. I want your definition of wealth, not someone else’s. Do you have it down? Okay, good.

If you wrote something about financial security, or having a big enough savings in the bank, or anything with the word “nest egg” in there, I’m sorry to tell you… but we’ve got to work on your definition. Remember: you’re not poor. You’re just unenlightened. 

Real wealth is right here, right now. Real wealth is your time, and what you choose to do with it. Because: guess what? All of us have the exact same number of hours in the day. Billionaires get 24 hours to each day, just like you. What separates us is what we choose to do with that time. Whoa! Are you with me, wealth-seekers? We’re just finishing that coffee — and now it’s time for breakfast. 

Imagine you’re already wealthy. You’re a billionaire. What does that look like? Feel like? Feel it, right now! You’ve just won the lottery! Wow! I have another job for you: write down in your journal what it feels like to win the lottery. Millions and billions of dollars to your name. That’s amazing, isn’t it? What would you do with all that money? Give me your greatest shout, your biggest happy-scream. It feels good, doesn’t it, wealth-seekers?

Do you see what just happened? You didn’t have any more money in the bank, but you felt it. That’s what I mean when I say wealth is a choice. Now, let’s walk backwards and figure out how to turn that feeling into a reality. 

Keep that journal open, wealth-seekers. Don’t close it! Here’s what you’re going to do next: now that you know how good it feels to have the wealth you seek, think of the hours you have in the day, and what you’re doing with them. Are you really living life as you’re meant to? Are you taking advantage of every opportunity you can? Are you moving toward what you know you were born to do, or are you just treading water?

I have another journal prompt here for you: write down three things you could do right now that would move you toward that money mindset you just felt. Three opportunities you could take advantage of right here, right now, regardless of your financial situation. This could be anything! Maybe you could make an investment in something that will bring your business off the ground. Maybe you could wake up one hour earlier each day and use it to write your first novel. Maybe you could learn a new trade online and master a new skill. 

Instead of thinking about how you can make money, think about how you can serve others. Why? Because serving others is how the wealthy generate wealth. When we are in service of others, we are truly wealthy. We are nourishing our soul and creating something others want. In doing so, we generate the wealth we desire as a byproduct of our service. Instead of money being the goal, money follows us. 

We are producers instead of consumers. We create instead of take. That way, we receive what we need when we are not chasing it. Do you hear that, wealth-seekers? One more time! We receive what we need when we are not chasing it. 

Alright. You’re starting to get it. We’ve finished breakfast. Are you smiling? I’m smiling! Here’s the biggest meal yet, wealth-seekers. If you’ve enjoyed this back and forth, and feel you’ve gained something from it, you’re in for a huge surprise. 

This blog is just the tip of the iceberg! Instead of me, a blog writer, asking you to pen things down in a solitary journal, you can have a real-time partner showing you how to achieve true wealth. Someone who knows your exact situation, financially, spiritually and emotionally. Someone who knows you’re not poor — just unenlightened.

Trust me, wealth-seekers. You want this. This is what changed my life. And I promise it can change yours. Do you feel that yet? That tingling? That’s the sensation of your life changing right before your eyes. Hang onto it! Grab it tight! Squeeze it — oh, that’s it, wealth-seekers: the feeling of an opportunity seized. There’s nothing like it in the world. And trust me: you’re going to be feeling it a lot more from now on!

Check out what I’m talking about here. And thank you for joining me on this journey. Remember: you can be the wealthiest person you know. As long as you understand the value of your time, invest in yourself, understand spiritual wealth, and work in service of others, you will be on the path toward financial wellness. More than that, you’ll find the spiritual wellness that others seek. And once you have that? You will no longer be a wealth-seeker. 

You will be wealthy!

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