Manifestation Journaling Prompts
Today we are gonna talk about manifestation journaling and share some amazing prompts to help you start making those dreams come true!
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Manifestation Journaling Prompts 

Have you ever encountered manifestation journaling prompts before? If you’re not familiar with the concept of manifestation, it’s pretty straightforward — through altering your thoughts, beliefs, dreams and goals, you develop behaviors that help you achieve what you want. 

Today we’re going to talk a little bit more about what manifestation is, how it’s related to journaling, the kinds of prompts that’ll accelerate your ability to manifest your dreams, and the best platforms to use when manifesting. Are you excited? Let’s dig in and make our dreams come true!

What is manifestation? 

It might not make sense in the abstract, but manifesting is the process of acquiring that “perfect life” you’ve always hoped for. For you, that could mean buying your dream home, or landing a career in a field you’ve always loved. It could also mean finding romantic love or getting your mental health under control. The most important thing to remember about manifestation is that what you want to achieve is entirely dependent on how you see yourself, your life and your greatest aspirations.

For instance, your dreams might not even be to own a business or become a millionaire. They don’t have to be huge or imposing like that! Maybe your dream is to start homesteading and lead a simple life. That’s perfectly fine! The point is that manifestation is the channel through which you acquire what you want, rather than a way to increase or distort your ambitions.  

Manifestation journaling 

So, we have a pretty good grasp on manifestation. But what the heck is manifestation journaling about, and how is it related to standard journaling? The truth is, the two are more interrelated than you might think: people have been journaling about their hopes and dreams for all time. In fact, the two are so closely intertwined that journals are often the primary tools through which people start manifesting their ideal lives. 

The difference between ordinary journaling and manifestation journaling is that manifestation journaling is more targeted. Instead of simply writing about your day or your mood, manifestation journaling prompts force you to think about your goals, dreams and aspirations in a direct way that in turn will help you plot out the steps toward your own success. Manifestation journaling prompts show you what you already have, what you could have if you worked for it, and also what you don’t want to have. 

Manifestation journaling prompts

1. What have I already manifested that’s been given to me?

2. Why am I thankful for the things I currently have?

3. What might my dream life or dream day look like?

4. What does achieving my goals look like to me?

5. In what ways am I already successful?

6. When am I at my happiest, and what activities help me stay that way?

7. What negative self-talk can I release myself from?

8. What’s stopping me from achieving my dreams right now?

9. What small steps am I taking every day to enjoy my life better than I did yesterday?

10. Where do I hope to be in a year? 

Where to find the best manifestation journaling prompts 

So, you’ve decided to start manifestation journaling. Wonderful! Congratulate yourself. But the question remains: how are you going to hold yourself accountable for your dreams? Who’s going to keep you motivated, and what steps will you take to check in on yourself?

The truth is, journals are wonderful. However, they’re a little old school — a paper journal might’ve been the tool to use way back when, but you’re looking for ways to hold yourself responsible. When it comes to actualizing your dreams and manifesting what you want, you deserve a more advanced tool than a standard diary. 

That’s where The Journal That Talks Back comes in. The Journal That Talks Back™ is exactly what it sounds like: an online service where your journal entries are read by qualified professionals who have loads of experience when it comes to goal-oriented advice. Instead of locking your manifestation aspirations in a dusty drawer, The Journal That Talks Back™ allows you to share them with living, breathing coaches who will analyze your entries and help you ask the right questions about your goals, allowing you to see new avenues and opportunities that were previously unclear or hidden. 

The best part? There are loads of ways you can use The Journal That Talks Back. Check us out and we’re pretty positive you’ll find ways to start manifesting your dreams in no time. 

Important note:
We are a coaching company with expertise in lots of different areas like mental wellness, career, relationships, parenting and a whole lot more. While coaching in The Journal That Talks Back™ can help you to take a deeper look at the above topics, we recognize that there are times when other resources, like therapy and/or counselling, may make more sense. As such, we have begun to develop a Mental Health Directory with well over 800 resources and we are investing time and effort into really growing it. It is also developed in a super user friendly way (we hope) so that it's easier to navigate than say another government website. Click the button below to check out our Mental Health Directory.
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