The 10 best pieces of life advice most people ignore
The following are 10 simple pieces of life advice that most people don’t follow — but the people who do tend to be happier, more peaceful and more satisfied with their lives.
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The 10 best pieces of life advice most people ignore

The best life advice feels “inevitable.” It’s like reading an a-ha! statement, where the advice given just makes sense. In some ways, this can make life advice feel a little simple or hokey…

But it’s not. In fact, it’s the simplest truths that tell us the most about ourselves. The following are 10 simple pieces of life advice that most people don’t follow — but the people who do tend to be happier, more peaceful, more appreciate and satisfied with their lives.   

The best life advice:

1. Stop trying to feel happy  

You should strive for happiness, but “trying” to feel happy is a losing strategy. The truth is, you can’t self-help yourself into a perfect life, and it’s impossible for humans to feel happy all the time. Understanding that — and instead taking conscious actions that make your day-to-day life more joyful — is the key to true happiness.

2. Don’t make impossible affirmations

Affirmations create belief traps. Standing in the mirror and saying “I’m a gorgeous model” will only make you feel more inner turmoil, because you won’t believe the words you’re saying. Instead of affirmations, trade up to realistic beliefs that you can accept: “I look amazing for my age.”

3. Strive for an imbalanced life 

Balance is overrated. Think of balance like a seesaw at rest: it’s boring, lifeless and dull. Instead, look for experiences that contribute to a thrilling life full of wonder and excitement. 

4. Let go of your ego

Your ego tries to protect you from looking stupid. Your ego will keep you from signing up for a dance class, playing a sport or attending a trivia night… even when those things are good, interesting and fun. Instead of listening to it all the time, learn when it’s okay to let go of your ego and do something different. 

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5. Learn to accept the essence of something

Life isn’t fair, but it can still be wonderful. Sometimes you simply can’t have something in life — maybe you can’t have children, your “dream job” didn’t work out, or your relationship with your brother will never be good. Instead of chasing something you can’t have, accept that you can have the “essence” of something. People who can’t have babies can adopt, people who don’t have their dream career can pursue their interests as hobbies, and people with frayed family bonds can make close connections with friends instead. 

6. Understand what true freedom is

Freedom isn’t having tons of money or being able to travel all the time. Instead, freedom is having a greater ability to control your emotional state, no matter what happens in life. 

7. Read, read, read

The more you read, the more you’ll have access to some of the greatest minds that ever lived. Reading is the fastest way to grow as person, a professional, a creative, a romantic partner… the list goes on.

8. Journal, journal, journal

We forget almost everything that happens in life. But we don’t have to. Start journaling about your life, and keep track of goals both lofty and small. Journal about the mundane things, the important things… heck, try writing with someone else, too

9. Be happy instead of right 

We talked about not trying to find happiness. That’s true, but it’s also true that one way to guarantee more happiness in your life involves choosing to be happy instead of right. Try this: the next time you’re arguing with your spouse, partner or friend, ask yourself, “Would I rather be right or happy?” 

10. Live according to your values

A lot of us don’t always behave in accordance with our values. You can value honesty, creativity, freedom, ingenuity… but if your beliefs, actions and lifestyle don’t mirror your values, you won’t be satisfied with your life. Take stock of your life and see if it matches the values you hold dear — if not, it’s time to make some changes. 

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