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How does The Journal That Talks Back® work?

The Journal That Talks Back® is an accessible coaching service where we match you with your very own coach so that you can track your mood, sleep, stress and journal with them. Your coach will read and respond to every word and you can write as many journals as you would like! No paywalls, no gates, just the safest and most secure on-the-go coaching experience!


Who are your coaches?

Our coaches are successful leaders, social workers and doctors who are certified to coach for The Journal That Talks Back® through our executive training process at Frame of Mind Coaching®. We hire and train all of our coaches in house and do not contract to a third party! We take this very seriously so that we can ensure that you have the greatest coaching experience from the greatest coaches.


What are some key issues covered?

We love working with corporations and world-wide organisations because having ALL of the leaders on your team receive coaching directly improves culture, performance, and overall results. Book a call with us to learn more about our corporate coaching services.