gen z quitting a job with a box of his stuff in his hands

How to retain young professional talent

How can companies retain young professional talent? The great resignation is a huge problem and we thought it time to share our thoughts.

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couple looking at phone happy

How to be the Wealthiest Person You Know

Looking around the room and always seeing others with more? Here is how to journal your way to wealth.

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fight with boss at a desk

A rocky relationship with your boss?

How can we repair a rocky relationship with our bosses to improve our working environments? Let's take a look!

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cardboard with jealousy written on it

How to Overcome Workplace Jealousy

Make no mistake: a little bit of workplace competition can be a good thing, but once that rivalry crosses a line — when it becomes malicious, instead of amicable — it starts to impact your wellbeing. 

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business plan brainstorm with postit notes

Create a Business Plan with Journaling

Whether you are a serial entrepreneur, or somebody writing their first business plan, journaling can be a critical tool to helping you create it.

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anxious person at laptop

How to Journal Your Way Out of Burnout

Here's how journaling and coaching together can help young professionals tend to the significant burnout that they face, especially these days.

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