Student journaling

Journaling Ideas for Students

Journaling for students is becoming popular because of it's amazing benefits Click here to learn the strategies and benefits of journaling for students!

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home renovation palette colours

How to plan your home renovations

Struggling to plan your home renovation? Don't worry, journaling is the perfect tool to get things going.

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peeled banana looking at itself in the mirror to see a perfect banana

How to NOT write affirmations

Affirmations in the way most people use them can actually be harmful for your mental health and wellness. Let's take a look at what we can do instead.

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depression illustration

How can journaling help with depression?

Journaling works in tandem with therapy to reduce symptoms of depression. Here are some practical tips for using your journal as a tool to cope with depression. 

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feet pointing to change on road

How journaling can help during life changes

If life changes are going to happen, how can you prepare for them? Fortunately, there are several tried-and-true support systems and tools at your disposal.

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brainstorm at a table

Journaling for a Business Brainstorm

Want to start a business… but don’t know where to start? Journaling has been used by leaders from all over the world to brainstorm and grow!

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