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How To Cope With Your Parents’ Divorce

While there are many helpful tools, we wanted to share our thoughts on some of the various supports available for coping with a parent's divorce.

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Journaling to Improve Your Body Image

Media has created standards of how we see ourselves and it is doing a lot of damage to people's body image. Here is how journaling can help!

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The Benefits of Doing a Digital Detox

Here are the methods and benefits of a successful digital detox and how it can help with both your on and off screen lives.

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person looking out window depressed

Men’s Mental Health

It's time to start talking about men's mental health. The struggle is pervasive and it's time we make some big strides together through learning and ending stigma,

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How can journaling help with depression?

Journaling works in tandem with therapy to reduce symptoms of depression. Here are some practical tips for using your journal as a tool to cope with depression. 

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How to Journal Your Way Out of Burnout

Here's how journaling and coaching together can help young professionals tend to the significant burnout that they face, especially these days.

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