gen z quitting a job with a box of his stuff in his hands

How to retain young professional talent

How can companies retain young professional talent? The great resignation is a huge problem and we thought it time to share our thoughts.

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sign that says chase your dreams

How to keep chasing your dreams

But what does it mean to actually chase your dreams? And how the heck does anyone start turning a dream into a reality? Let's take a look!

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Couple fighting

How to approach relationship red flags

Red flags can be spotted in all sorts of relationships. But what's the best way to approach them? Let's take a look!

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the journal that talks back vs. betterhelp illustration

Betterhelp vs. The Journal That Talks Back

What's the difference between BetterHelp and The Journal That Talks Back? Ultimately, they're different tools for different struggles.

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coaching illustration

What is a Life Coach?

What is a life coach? That's a really great question. Ultimately, it's someone who has your back no matter what. Click below to learn more!

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body image illustration

Journaling to Improve Your Body Image

Media has created standards of how we see ourselves and it is doing a lot of damage to people's body image. Here is how journaling can help!

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